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Why I like using this website over posting on Facebook

This is tough, because this website is not active at all. Even though we have over 130 people who cared enough to join, it isn't a site that gets visited often, and when people do visit, they don't seem to be comfortable posting and sharing. So in that sense, when I have something to say about Milltown History, more people would see the post, or the images on Facebook.

But Facebook does not archive posts in a way that makes it easy to find what you saw last year, last week, or even more recently than that. Posts are not saved in an orderly way.

Whose wall did I see that on? If you don't have the exact terms, you might never see it again. Our photos have searchable hashtags, or titles.

And, not everyone wants to belong to Facebook, because of the privacy violations, or because they are too old, or too young to think that Facebook has value. gives each member a page where the member can share their own Milltown History story. Every member can post a blog, ask or answer questions, and communicate publicly or privately with any other member they choose. There are many cool links to other sites that share fascinating facts about local history. I see the value in this website, but I don't know if the rest of you do. Please share your thoughts.

Maybe there are other kinds of websites we can build that would serve us better. Do you have any experience with that? Can you help the Milltown Historical Society?

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