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We'd appreciate it if you would take a look at the attached photo and see if you recognize the old mill pictured. One photo caption places it in Moorestown (but we've never seen this particular mill before - and we thought we'd seen them all!). The other caption places it in Milltown. Thanks for any help you can give us - Stephanie Herz, Archivist

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I wonder if the caption is refering to another Milltown in New Jersey? I have seen older maps of NJ with a couple of "Milltown"s on them not even close to Middlesex county. Perhaps it is an unincorporated Milltown? From what time period does the photo come? I am not familiar with the history of Moorestown and that region of south Jersey, but was that area ever known locally as "Milltown"? Thanks for sharing!

Check out this map from 1878.

If you zoom in to the Moorestown region, you will find the "Milltown" I think you're looking for.

Unbelievable! I had never heard of a Milltown in this area but that's got to be it. There is a Union Mill Rd. around there now so there must be a mill connection. I'm going to have to get out the old local maps now and do some more research. Thanks for setting me on the right track.


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