Barbara Wright

65, Female


United States

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Milltown New Jersey
Did your parents/ grandparents live in Milltown? If so, what were their names?
Yes. My mother, Anna Miller Wright lived in Milltown all her life. Her parents were Anna Funk Miller and Jacob Miller, and they lived on Clay St. next to the firehouse. My grandmother was a cousin of the "big Funks" who lived on Washington Ave.My great grandparents had a farm in the Lawrence Brook neighborhood of East Brunswick.
My Dad, Tom Wright Sr. was a city boy from New Brunswick who moved here when he got married in 1939.
About Me:- Tell us about yourself
I've lived here all my life. I work as the librarian at the Parkview School
What is your interest in Milltown history?
I am interested because of my own family history, and because I like to share interesting Milltown history with the school children and anyone interested in the past present, and future of Milltown.

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  • Carl R. "Butch" Huebner III

    Thanks for the welcome, Barbara.  I lived on West Church St and had a good friend...Jeff Lins...who lived on Clay St...the number 49 jumps to mind although I'm not sure that's correct.  He lived a few doors up from Metz (?) grocery store on the corner of Clay and West Church St..  Carl


  • Barbara Krauss Santoro

    Hi Barbara!  I'm thrilled you are running this website.  I have pictures of my family and the Fireman's band that I will post.  I went to Germany this summer to meet cousins with whom I corresponded via email.  We found each other through the website of our great-grandfather's hometown!  Websites like these are such a rich and valuable resource!

      I would like to send my German cousins a copy of the latest Milltown history book.  How can I get additional copies?  I have been able to purchase copies of the first Milltown book through ebay.  Thanks!


  • Frederick (Rick) E. Remlinger

    Is the old Firehouse coming Down on Main Street? The Sentinel article states the new firehouse will be on the old firehouse site?