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Did your parents/ grandparents live in Milltown? If so, what were their names?
My grand parents Henri and Frances BORDIER lived at 78 South street (it was then 72).
My mother Marie and her brother Henri jr were born there.
My grand father worked as a driver ( for Michelin of course !)
They left for good in 1925 .
About Me:- Tell us about yourself
I am a retired teacher of English.
I visited Milltown in March 2009 .Bruce (?) Schwendeman kindly took us round the lovely museum.
What is your interest in Milltown history?
I am interested in English-speaking countries in general.
All my grandmother's brothers and sisters (8 altogether) lived in Milltown.
I am doing some research into my family history and emigration from my native village Roudouallec that provided so many hands for MTC and the USA.

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  • Barbara Wright

    Bienvenue. We are so happy to have a French member of our website! Did all of your grandmother's brothers and sisters return to France after Michelin closed their factory in Milltown?
  • MIchele Jean LE GOFF

    I can assist you in your search perhaps, as my French family Grandmother was from Roudouallec and Grandfather from Guiscriff in Brittany. my grandfather guillaume LE GOFF was a tyremaker for Michelin in Milltown. I am the dual national daughter of famille LE GOFF and reside in Metuchen, NJ. I have French and American ciyizenship owing to my family history.