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I would be interested in seeing old photos, hearing memories of Bud Haefners barbershop.

I have many memories of going there in the 1960's Chicopee era. Bud and Charlie were a regular trip into town for me coming from Hardenburglane in the RFD rural times.

I would stare at the old photos on the wall in Milltown, and sweep the floor for Bud.

When Charlie Nenninger took over, I brought my also son to get his hair cut there. I tried to get Charlie to sell those great photos to me for my collection. But he took them to North Carolina. Sadly he died shortly after retiring.

Does anyone have those early pictures of Milltown? Or other early memorabilia from Buds? 

Charlie told me Bud bought the business from another Barber who had hand carved wooden childrens  barber seats like carnival horses. 

The place was always filled with smoke; and my dad who worked at Chicopee; would send me for a coke or pepsi at the corner store (still there/different owners) as it would be HOT in summer, and the men could talk for a while. I remember a lot of talk of the 1960 Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. 

Sometimes Bud or his brother (now rev. Douglas J. Haefner) would invite me in to play. Doug, now Father Doug, was always playing mass and giving out paper communion wafers. 

The Haefners and Nenningers were very nice people.

Long ago, great memories. Anyone else hang out at Buds barber shop or have photos?

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Doug was his son and I went through school with him. My Dad used Bud as his barber for many years.

Patti Pellichero, Bud's daughter, told me a funny story that she was "kidnapped" while visiting her Dad's  shop, when a fire whistle blew, and she was taken to the fire, or fire house with the firemen.

I can remember when Bud was at barber school and he used to come to our kitchen on Herbert Ave. to "practice" on me and I guess others in the family.  Of course he became one of the major characters of Milltown in later years. 

Barry Pavelec

Oh yes, my father took me there for haircuts always done by Charlie. 


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