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Hello, all

I have a special interest in the life and circumstances of those who worked in the Michelin plant c. 1916–1921 or longer, when my grandfather Joseph Noguere did, as well as my then-teenage great-aunts and uncles. My grandparents had emigrated independently from France to Argentina, where they met and married. From there they went to Cuba and then New Orleans. They must have heard there of the French community and work in Milltown, where they settled and my father was born in 1917. In 1918 my grandmother's family from the Basque Country in France joined them. I'm writing a historical poem series about their lives. Here's a link to two poems set in Milltown:

If anyone has connections to that era (the bungalows, schooling, daily life…) or could tell me if there are city records available that would show who lived at which addresses etc., I'd love to hear.

Thanks from Suzanne Noguere

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Thank you Suzanne, for the link to your poems. It's exciting to see poetry set in our town.

Your question is now up on our website, and I will ask around to see if anyone that I know has the answers to your questions.

Many thanks, Barbara!


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