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Our website's newest member, Pau Medrano Bigas, a professor of graphic design at a University in Barcelona, Spain is a scholar who has researched the Michelin company extensively. His research, while focused on how Michelin used graphic design in its printed advertisements, was also broad enough for him to learn about the history of the Michelin plant in Milltown. Read this fascinating history in Pau's article "The forgotten years. The American phase of Michelin in Milltown"published in the catalog of a museum exhibit that toured Spain and France in 2005.


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Comment by Pau Medrano Bigas on September 15, 2011 at 4:04pm

Thanks for your words and help, Barbara!

I hope all people enjoy my article "The forgotten years. The american phase of Michelin in Milltown", even although it was written in 2004 and published in 2005...

Since then, some people have used  the text and information in my article for different projects and web-sites, without citing it or crediting the reference source, and without asking for permission. This is why I decide to offer it in its original shape, as it was published in the official catalogue-book of the Michelin Exhibition in 2005, "Nunc est bibendum!!.. Un mito gráfico desde 1898".

My best wishes to all Milltownians, from mediterranean Barcelona.


Professor Pau Medrano Bigas


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