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Will Milltown move the two houses of the Historical Museum to build a new firehouse?

Deputy Fire Chief Jules Dekovics attended a few Milltown Historical Society meetings this year to outline the need for a new firehouse. This Home News Tribune article explains the issues involved. The current buildings cannot accommodate new fire engines, expose our volunteer fire fighters to exhaust fumes, and do not have facilities for the fire fighters to shower after being exposed to hazardous materials fighting fires. He presented the MHS with a proposal to relocate the Museum's two homes to the rear of the existing firehouse. The plan would include new foundations dug, and would combine the artifacts of the MHS museums with the Fire Department's own Fire Museum into a very historical trio of buildings.

What will the Mayor and Borough Council say to this proposal at the next council meeting? How much would it cost to move the buildings off property, and could they survive the move? Are there any alternative sites for the firehouse? If you have interest in preserving the existing buildings and their valuable collections of Milltown memorabilia, attend the next meeting. Make your voice heard.

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