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Do you have memories of Doby's Sub Shop, Doby's Deli or of the bowling alley on Broad St? a Post by Barbara Dobrzynski Justice

 My grandfather, Michael Stankowicz moved from NYC to Milltown to open Stank,s grocery store. This was around 1916. He brought his wife and three children, my Mother Victoria Dobrzynsi being a baby at the time. this store was on the corner of South and Broad Street. He prospered and then opened the first Bowling Alley in tHe area. 4 lanes. Grandpa ran this for years. Another child came to the family, a boy Al Stankowicz. Al grew up went to war with the Army came home and continued to run the Bowling Alley. Now grand pop had two thriving businesses. He was able to purchase 7 houses in the area. when grandopo passed away my Mom moved to the property and renovated and opened Doby,s Deli. she continued for 15 years. My brother then opened Doby,s Sub Shop for years. The Stankowicz-Dobrzynski legacy is strong in Milltown.
My brother Al Doby,s Sub Shop has lived in the family home for the past 75 years on South. God Bless my family for generations living in the "Best Little Town in the State".

Barbara Dobrzynski Justice.

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Comment by James Selover on April 14, 2016 at 2:08pm

Living on South Street from the early 1930s to 1950 I was very familiar with the Stankowicz  grocery store. I had to make many trips there when either my grandmother or parents asked me to go on by item.


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