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A few weeks ago in Paris I met a woman who says her grandfather, Jules Hauvette, was the manager of the Michelin Tire Factory and known as "Mr. Michelin.  She would love to find out any thing she could about his time with Michelin so hope someone has some information about him that I can pass on to her.

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This pdf I found on has a lot of information on Michelin's time in Milltown. If there's any info on him, it should be in there. 

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much Will.  I have emailed her the link and sure she will be very happy to receive it.  She said she had been trying for some time to get information.  She and her husband are both reporters and had worked in NYC for a few years.  Since what you sent was by someone from the Sorbonne I'm suprised she did not find it in her search but she said she had found nothing.  

Barbara Eggermann

Glad I could help :)


Hello, Will.

Here Professor Pau Medrano-Bigas from Barcelona city, Catalonia (Spain).

The pdf you mention is an article about the Michelin Tiire Co. presence in the American market "written" by Francesca Tesi. For your information, a big part of this 2007 article is directly copied word by word from my article previously published in a book in 2004 (the rest of Francesca Tesi article is copied word by word from other sources, as I discovered). This person did it consciously (without citations or references) and dishonestly as she and the French Michelin company perfectly knows. I hate people who cheat!!!

If you want to read the original article, go to “Newest member Pau Medrano Bigas article,” posted by Barbara Wright on September 14, 2011 in this web-site. You will find my article for downloading.

Otherwise, I'm in contact with these Jules Hauvette-Michelin (Vice President of the Michelin Tire Co.) descendants. I know the woman and the man, both journalists and really friendly people, and we shared a lot of information between 2013-2015.

Big part of this never-published before information is reflected in an entire Chapter 8 into the Master Thesis I presented on 2015 (yes, it was a cum laude one, and since then I'm Doctor in Graphic Design by the University of Barcelona).

The Thesis text is in Castilian Spanish, but now we are translating it in American English (not me, a professional translator! As you can read, my English level is horrible, sorry!!!). The translation process will be completed at the end of this year, and the whole Thesis will be hung in the University of Barcelona Depository, ready to be downloaded for all people by free.

Meanwhile, here below are the link to an English review of my Thesis published in the Academic Research Group which I'm member. In addition, another link to the current whole Spanish downloable Thesis at the University of Barcelona.

If you have any question about me and my research on Michelin presence in Milltown, feel free to ask for. Sure it will be a pleasure to share.


Pau Medrano-Bigas.

Dr. Pau Medrano-Bigas.
Professor of Graphic Design at Grade of Design.
Department of Visual Arts and Design.
Sant Jordi Faculty of Fine Arts.
UB-University of Barcelona.
Email (Departament):
Email (personal):
Member of GRACMON,
Research Group in
Contemporary Art and Design History
UB-University of Barcelona.

I think there is a picture of him in "The History of Milltown" by Mr. Luery


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