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To all who care,

It has come to my attention that there are laws on the books in Milltown borough which require not only a historic preservation committee but also an official historian. To my knowledge neither is active or exists. However, one official claims on the office Milltown website to be on this committee. He is RICHARD REVOLINSKY who will pending on tomorrow's out come may be our mayor. Being that he is on the Ford Ave redevelopment committee it looks like he has quietly kept this preservation committee in the dark so to advance other agendas. 

We need to call on borough council to do their job and get a functional preservation committee going. This will put preservation at the table for all borough planning meetings and allow for greater input on historic matters. It can also help with administrative funding.

Hopefully, at the next borough council meeting on November 18th I will call out the council to do what's right. Anyone in support should be there too.

Randy Ruth

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Hi Randy,

To the best of my knowledge, Brian Harto is the appointed Milltown Historian, and the head of the Preservation Committee, but I don’t believe it is active. I applied to become a member of that committee about six months ago and was never notified of any subsequent meetings. Let’s get this group moving before it’s too late!

Hi Barbara,

The more I dig the more I learn. The new borough website is proving to be a good resource. From the records I found, the only council member on the historic preservation committee was Randy Farkas but that was way back in I think 2012. If anyone else that was/is on the committee I haven't seen that record. What I have seen and is easy to find on the borough website is the specific people appointed to the historic preservation committee. There should be about 8 people appointed at any one time. This is so that the committees duties can be properly fulfilled by being a part of a number of other committees. Such as the planning committee, or Ford Ave redevelopment committee. As of right now there are 4 people on committee and I believe 3 of them have their terms end this year with the other being 12/31/2020. The board is appointed by the mayor. As for the borough historian, it may be Brian. However, I could not find any meeting minutes where that was addressed.


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