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Does anyone know where Old Mill Road is or was?  It was actually in East Brunswick, but may have led into Milltown.  What were the old names of Fresh Ponds or Kulthau Ave?

I have Old Mill Road as the street my relatives lived on in the 1910 census, but not sure what Road it is now.

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Could it have been in Highland Park?

There's an article here from the April 1910 New Brunswick Times newspaper about closing Old Mill Road. Not sure if it's the same you're looking for, but thought I'd pass it along as it may help.

Also, as I was perusing the Sanborn Insurance maps for Milltown in 1910, I noticed Kuhlthau Ave was listed as Fresh Ponds Road.

Thanks for the info.  I looked at the census page I have again. It says East Brunswick Township and is from 1910.

The house for Jacob Rupp is listed as Old Mill Road.  The street also listed on the page before residents on Old Mill Rd. is Dunhams Road.  I skimmed the article but will have to look at it more closely.



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